As a professional manufacturer of organic pigments, pigment-up Pigment committed to environmentally friendly production and development. Technology Center has been named "Hangzhou Enterprise Technology Center", "Zhejiang SME level technology center." To further promote the development of the company, to accelerate the pace of international companies are invited to the following people to join our team of young green pigment.

Job Status Persons Claim
Production operations personnel Certain names
Male, 25-45 years old, five insurance, provides meals.
Warehouse management personnel 1
Male or female, 30-45 years old, junior high school or higher education, to understand computers, five insurance, provides meals.
Technology talent 2
Male or female, 25-40 years old, college educated, chemical industry experience preferred. Five insurance, provides meals.
Chief Commissioner 1
Female, college education, five insurance, provides meals.

Specific detailed consultation please wages HR 0571 -82172999.